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What is Human-Centered Marketing?

Human-Centered Marketing is a new approach to marketing that puts the customer at the heart of your business when making decisions. In a world obsessed with data and technology, it sometimes feels like we’ve forgotten about what matters most: our customers.


In the Humanisation view, nurturing and delighting customers drives growth. 


We use a combination of research, empathy, design thinking and an agile mindset to help you connect with your customers by solving their real problems.


Get on-demand access to the tools, skills and knowledge you need to build real, mutually valuable customer relationships
Build an action plan for connecting with customers and get access to expert strategy and marketing resources for clarity on business goals
Achieve your business goals with a Human Centered Marketing Consultant and drive more leads
Uncover your customers’ need and how to solve them, test and learn in a Go-to-Market Sprint

Go-To-Market Sprint

Want to fast-track growth in your business?

Our Go-To-Market Sprint gives key members of your team all the skills, knowledge and support you need to help your business thrive.


During this three day intensive workshop, you’ll learn how to engage with customers about their needs, build a value proposition that resonates with your ideal customer and accelerate business growth.


The Go-To-Market Sprint includes:


  • Speaking to your customers and prospects about their biggest pain points
  • Identifying your customer’s most urgent unmet needs
  • Developing a solution to connect with customers & drive business growth
  • Testing and learning throughout the process to grow your business
  • A live solution by the end of the sprint

Ready to take business growth to the next level? Book a Sprint with me today.




Here's what some of our customers have to say about working with Humanisation

Cat has helped me tremendously in getting clarity in marketing for my start-up in F&B. Marketing had always seemed simple to me until I ventured out on my own and was faced with the daunting world of social media, content creation, defining your target audience - the list goes on and on. Cat’s analytical and methodological approach and her practical explanation of how things work made a lot of sense. Working with her, I have been able to get a framework of who my customer is, how to reach them and the best way to communicate our message. I recommend Cat to anyone who needs assistance with marketing, she is a guru in her field and a wonderful person to work with. She is incredibly talented and every business, whether a startup or MNC, can tremendously benefit from working with her.

Simin Kayhan Ames, Managing Director    —

Cat's superpower is an ability to ask the questions that we didn't know needed answering. Our Rocket Session was fundamental in singling out a direction that the team could rally behind. Time well spent!

Rohan Walsh, Creative Director    —

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