Cat Williams-Treloar founded Humanisation in Singapore in 2016. Humanisation was born to help tech startups make a human impact in a digital world. 

We're Marketing and Business Consultants who help tech startups Go-To-Market across Asia-Pacific. We partner with SaaS, B2B, Cloud and FinTech brands who are passionate about driving business growth and customer impact across APAC. 


We exist in a universe where technology has the power to scale for the greater good. It's happening at a speed we've never experienced before. We're solving challenges that we never thought we'd crack in our lifetime using AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain to change the world.

It's an exciting time to be a human. 

Despite the desire for big ideas, we end up with a problem I like to call "short-term-ism." Where every win is quick and hard sustainable work is old school. 

The trigger to create Humanisation came from a series of meeting agendas where the discussion focused on quick wins: Cash and Code. Missing from the agenda was what really mattered: Customers and the Human Impact.

Yet, this wasn't intentional. It was driven by habit and the way business has always been done. 

We believe there is a better way to make a human impact in a digital world. A world where tech can be commercially successful by putting humans first whether that be through creating customer prosperity, democratising access to services, making customer's lives better or simply delivering a better customer experience. 

And so, Humanisation was born to flip the agenda and put humans first.



Our mission is to drive business growth by putting humans first on the inside and outside.



To represent an unfiltered, raw voice from customers, employees and stakeholders. 


To make a mindful impact with technology and humans.


To cut the crap and keep things straightforward, useful and pragmatic in design and action.


Our secret sauce is a bespoke approach called Human-Centered Marketing where we bring together design thinking, agile methodologies, inbound marketing principles and authentic leadership techniques. We use this to uncover the raw, unfiltered voice of the people that matter most to find a product/market fit. Our approach helps to bring teams together and break them out of the habit of only thinking short term cash and code. 

why is human
impact important?

Globally, we've seen a significant decline in business, brand and media trust as discerning customers have more knowledge and power at their fingertips. Engaged customers improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn. And, we now know that Customer Relationship Management goes beyond just a CRM system; it's about a meaningful relationship across the whole customer journey.

As technology businesses scale, their reliance on marketing technology, automation, and growth hacking to acquire and retain customers increases. When used correctly this can be incredibly powerful. But, when customers are simply data points or "conversions," this creates a disconnect as it becomes a relationship with numbers rather than with emotions or people. 

It's no surprise that the number one focus globally for brands is Customer Experience as teams operate in silos, see customers as conversions and miss the opportunity for meaningful customer experiences.  This stops teams from making a real human impact. 

the importance of sustainable growth

Human-Centered Marketing helps brands build sustainable growth. Our Go-To-Market process empowers leaders to craft a strategy that's customer-centric, data-driven and adds value to customers in APAC. Whether you are launching a new product or a new feature release, Human-Centered Marketing will give you and your team a meaningful approach to grow.

We are a proud Hubspot partner and believe in Inbound Marketing for brands that are looking for a sustainable path to growth. Growth comes through empathy and consistency. We have learned through experience that this doesn't happen overnight and there is no one magic solution to drive growth. We are realistic, pragmatic and are dedicated to helping you create sustainable demand by inspiring customers. 

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how we’ve helped our clients

We’ve helped Software as a Service (SaaS) companies go global and thrive in new markets by engaging both Enterprise and Small to Medium (SME) sized businesses. We've guided global brands through digital transformation in Asia and identified essential markets to set up offices, build new team structures and find partners for the next stage of growth.

We've assisted leading Cloud products with launches across South East Asia and Australia. These have consisted of established brands looking to successfully expand with new product launches starting from scratch. And, we've worked with homegrown Singaporean start-ups to identify how to grow distribution, engage channel partners and lift brand visibility across the region. Along the way, we've also given some top digital leaders in digital strategy, programmatic and web search the coaching and support they need to grow.

we operate

We operate as extended members of your team across Asia-Pacific and partner with you to drive growth. We help with projects on-site and can become an on-going extension of your team depending on your needs.

We typically start with your Go-To-Market Strategy or mapping out the customer journey to help with focus. We like to do this before we talk about tactics or execution because doing two or three marketing activities well is better than doing 20 things poorly. As businesses grow, focus becomes critical so that the right resources, teams, and programs are created to build a relationship with customers. It's just as important for your teams to help cut through the chaos and rally colleagues together. 

Once we have alignment on strategic focus, we can become a part of your team to help move through the first few sprints or we help mentor critical leaders in the Marketing business. 

Cat Williams-Treloar, CEO & Founder at Humanisation


CEO, Humanisation

Originally from Sydney, Cat has over 18 years of hands-on marketing experience helping to launch new products in over 30+ countries around the world.

Over the years she has helped businesses incubate new ideas from scratch as well as lead large-scale digital transformation projects across multiple markets. All of these projects had the ambition to grow by building meaningful customer impact. And, many went off course along the way as we hit hurdles of alignment, capabilities, understanding technology, trying to get quicker wins, managing short vs. longer-term financial goals, and finding investment to match effort and competing viewpoints.

Cat has practiced many different techniques for connecting with customers along the journey with both successes and failures. When reflecting on what worked every time, it was listening and learning from customers and teams - being empathetic - that worked best. 

Her Go-To-Market experience spans across building and executing strategies to drive business growth, identifying the most valuable customers to engage, creating value pricing strategies to convert, identifying channels to expand partner distribution, collaborating across sales and marketing to convert leads.

Cat's most recent projects include helping a SaaS SME product scale globally, driving demand in APAC for a SaaS Enterprise Social Tool, launching a new Cloud Platform that leverages AI and Machine Learning and helping a FinTech brand serve the underbanked in Emerging Markets. Her B2B Enterprise experience includes programs ranging from SAP to EdTech.

Her Marketing Technology experience covers a range of tools including Hubspot, Marketo and linking everything through to Salesforce (SFCD).